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The year 2020 indeed has been a shocker to the world, with the pandemic metamorphosing people’s ways and trends. A dire need of the hour solution to manage the ever problematic queue hassles has now reached its zenith in priority. Long queues, never-ending wait time, and inconsistent service through the queues have always been faced by our founders. Cracking this problem with a simple queue management solution was our commencing idea. But this queue management tool seemed to add another axis to its geometry by the COVID-’19 pandemic that made social distancing the new normal lifestyle. Popway has struck its bulls-eye with queue management and social distancing benefiting both businesses and users immensely.
Competitor queue management tools with a one-size-fits-all approach lack mass connect with all scale of businesses like small, medium, large, and chain. Financially these tools are highly expensive to both enroll and maintain. User-friendly from the management’s side and customer side is also a lacking feature in other tools. Picking up from these tutors, Popway has mastered its idea with a wholesome power-packed queue management tool that will take your business into the tech-savvy world of awesomeness and bring in the monetary profits too.

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