Re-imagined Queue Management System

A topnotch queue management system to help your business connect the customer and your service in its best possible amalgamation. Save customer and service time via virtual queues and appointment management systems. Build impactful customer relations based on business insights.
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Virtual Queues

Create a queue virtually escaping physical interaction with prior check-in and approximated wait time. Abide by the social distancing norms with the absence of physical queues.
  • Single/Multiple Queues
  • SMS and Push Notifications
  • Self and catered check-ins
  • Works on Web & App

Schedule Appointment

Schedule appointments via web/app/call priorly daily, weekly, or monthly to help both your business and its customers plan the day. Connect with your appointments with reminder push notifications and personalized messages either way.
  • 100% Contact free
  • Check-in via App & Web
  • Updates via push notifications & messages
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Virtual Consultation

Up your customer service game, with consultation via chat, video, or calls. Virtually serve your customers, thereby not losing any possible customer interaction.
  • Realtime and Scheduled
  • Pre and Post payment requests
  • End to end encrypted

Actionable Insights

Your business and its team can take customer service to the next level with our valuable analysis of what gets them going. Modern AI techniques help analyze feedback and reviews to boost operational efficiency.
  • Insights based on analytics
  • Business and performance based
  • Realtime service related
  • AI based suggestions
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Visit Planner

Enable your customer to know the best time to visit your business. Skip peak/rush hours avoiding physical congestion and thereby adding operational service hassles too.
  • Real-time status
  • Insightful data for days/weeks
  • AI based Recommendations

Business App

A holistic app available in iOS, Android, and web that is guided through grants and access for staff, management, and the owner. The team builds together efficiently to help serve the customer at its best.
  • Operate queues and counters
  • Roles and permisions
  • Works on Web, Android and iOS
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Brand Content

Your content on Popway makes it the mobile destination for your brand. Showcase pictures, videos, and more - directly in the app to help capture maximum customer footage and keep them engaged.

Feedback Analysis

Valuable customer reviews and feedback is analysed by our AI power engine that segments them appropriately. This holistic analysis helps gather a bird’s eye view and help the plan of action for great business growth.
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Voice of customer
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Customer Accounts

Personalised and updated customer accounts help businesses understand their customer preferences, patterns, and history. This enables businesses to create a mass-like approach and service to its customers.

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